Bucket List

I’ve currently set & found 75 goals for myself, I want to reach 100, so 25 to go still.

1. Have my hair cut a lot shorter
2. Organize all my photos by year and category
3. Start my own bonfire and make s’mores
4. Make a difference in someones life
5. Finish my ‘Wreck This Journal’
6. Get my drivers license and own a car
7. Learn to love myself and be totally happy with who I am and how I look
8. Be fit and healthy
9. Find out my blood type
10. Take regression therapy so I can go back to past lives
11. Start with a diary or memory book again
12. Visit a fortune teller

Meaningful & Inspirational
13. Tie a message to a balloon and let it go
14. Write something on paper which I do not want anyone to know and burn it
15. Send a message in a bottle

Art & Creativity
16. Own a good quality compact camera with autofocus video function that can also film underwater
17. Get a tattoo
18. Make an adventure book or journal
19. Getting a portrait of myself, drawn or painted by an artist
20. Own a small printer which can be used on the go with ZINK photo paper

Involves Traveling
21. Go traveling on my own
22. Go on a cruise
23. Fly a kite
24. Go skydiving
25. Fly in a hot air balloon
26. Go to Disneyland/Disney World
27. Participate at Burning Man
28. Make a road trip through the USA
29. Go to a big maze where I can get lost
30. See the Northern Light
31. Go to a basketball game
32. Spend an evening on the beach
33. See a murmuration
34. Go diving
35. Sit on the rooftop of a high building
36. Go to a drive-in movie
37. Visit an abandoned house
38. Go camping again
39. Go to a concert again
40. Go to a music festival
41. Ride a horse again

Try (before you die)
42. Shoot with a gun at a shooting range
43. Try a ‘Sex On The Beach’ cocktail
44. Try zip lining
45. Go skinny dipping

46. Be a bridesmaid or the maid of honor on a wedding from a friend
47. Tell the friends who abandoned me how much it hurt and talk about what happened
48. Have a big birthday surprise party with all my friends that someone organized for me without me knowing
49. Get a real best friend

50. Kiss underwater and in the rain
51. Receive an anonymous love letter
52. Hang a love lock on the bridge at Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris
53. Have someone make me an awesome breakfast in bed
54. Get proposed to in a really romantic way
55. Get the perfect wedding dress
56. Get married and have a perfect wedding
57. Have the best honeymoon I can ever imagine

58. Breathe in helium and talk funny
59. Send a tourist to the wrong way
60. Learn a magic trick
61. Win something
62. Play bubble soccer with friends
63. Take a picture in a photobooth

64. Have my own apartment
65. Own two cats
66. Have an office with a computer desk and big bookcases from which I’ve read every single book
67. Have a perfect bed wherein I fall asleep immediately
68. Sleep in a hammock

69. Get my nails done really pretty
70. Get a Henna tattoo
71. Have my own makeup room
72. Look perfect in shorts and a crop top
73. Look like the way I want to by losing weight and train my muscles a bit
74. Have a photo shoot
75. Have my makeup done perfectly by a professional makeup artist


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