1. Have my hair cut a lot shorter

This is the first number of my bucket list I completed.

This one wasn’t really a challenge for me, because I am not afraid to have my hair cut a lot shorter.

I will show you before and after pictures.

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Tag: from 10 to 1

The ‘from 10 to 1’ tag has 10 questions, at the first question, I name 10 things, at the second question, I name 9 things and so on. In this tag you can get to know me a little bit better.








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Who to follow on Instagram #1

I love the app Instagram, I think it’s one of my favorite apps of all time. Instagram is an app where you can post square pictures and recently they also added video sharing, so you can upload a 15 second video. I like videos and photography a lot, I love looking at beautiful pictures and videos.

A lot of people on Instagram post amazing pictures, often made with a professional camera,Β  so you can find a lot of nice pictures there. Also you can follow you’re favorite bloggers, or in my case, favorite youtubers, and see what they’re up to. So it’s kind of like a photo diary from someone.Β  I really like that idea.

I thought it would be nice to share my top ten ‘Instagrammers’ so maybe you can discover someone new.

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Hi there!

Welcome on my blog!

Here you will find personal posts, posts about creativity, traveling, photography, inspiration and much more.

Take a look around if you want. You can also visit the pages ‘Bucket List’ ‘About Me’ or ‘Ask Me’.

Thanks for visiting!

First Post

This is my very first post on my new blog.

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a long time now, but I doubted a lot.

Nowadays there are so many blogs about all kinds of things, how could I ever stand out? First I thought about starting a beauty blog because I like beauty and makeup and I was watching a lot of beauty videos on Youtube and a lot of them had their own beauty blog. I thought it would be awesome to have something like that too.

But thinking of it a little bit more I realized that that was not the point of making a blog, at least not for me, because beauty and makeup are just one of the things I like and I realized that I wanted to talk about more than that.

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