About Me

My name is Tara, I’m currently 21 years old and I was born on April 23, 1995.

I AM random, enthousiastic, weird, awkward, honest, unique, caring


Freedom | Traveling | Cats | Friends | USA | Sushi | Music | Art | Beauty | Books | Dancing | Infinity | Creativity | Reading | Writing | Photography | Movies | Makeup | Fashion | Onesies | Memories | Food


Tiredness | Disappointments | Confusion | Pain | War | Fights | Negativity 

Tiara Diamond, which you see on my homepage is just a name that I like, Tiara is similar to my real name Tara, but I like Tiara just a bit better and I think Diamond is a perfect addition to it as a surname. It’s both sparkly and beautiful.

I live in the Netherlands so I speak Dutch in my daily life, but I decided to write my blog in English because I think this way I can reach and inspire more people, my English is probably not perfect, if I make any mistakes please tell me.

I like to talk with people online and giving advice or answering questions, so if you want to talk, chat or ask something you can go to the ‘Ask me’ page. You can ask me anything.

I also have a bucket list, if you’re interested in that, go to my ‘Bucket list’ page.

Something I live by: Infinite Freedom ∞

And this is just a tiny bit of who I am


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