Who to follow on Instagram #1

I love the app Instagram, I think it’s one of my favorite apps of all time. Instagram is an app where you can post square pictures and recently they also added video sharing, so you can upload a 15 second video. I like videos and photography a lot, I love looking at beautiful pictures and videos.

A lot of people on Instagram post amazing pictures, often made with a professional camera,  so you can find a lot of nice pictures there. Also you can follow you’re favorite bloggers, or in my case, favorite youtubers, and see what they’re up to. So it’s kind of like a photo diary from someone.  I really like that idea.

I thought it would be nice to share my top ten ‘Instagrammers’ so maybe you can discover someone new.

Alsmost all of the people I mention I just randomly found while I was browsing through Instagram. I don’t know them personally but I will tell you what I think about them.

275643383b8211e3817122000ab5bea8_81. Whitney Hays
Instagram name: whitneyhays
Link: http://instagram.com/whitneyhays

This girl has just something about her, I can’t describe it but she just intrigues me in some way. She is stunningly gorgeous in the first place, her makeup is always flawless and perfect, but even without makeup she is just as pretty. Besides the way she looks she is also a little weird and random, and I like that. She is so perfect.



2. Nicole Warne
Instagram name: garypeppergirl
Link: http://instagram.com/garypeppergirl

Nicole Warne is a model, she’s from Australia but she travels around the whole world. If only I could have a life like that.. Her pictures are just amazing! If you like fashion, photography, food and traveling, on her instagram account you have all in one. And if that’s not enough, she also has a blog: http://www.garypeppergirl.com

6571bad2ff6711e2bad822000a9f3047_73. Coco & Clarence
Instagram name: goldenkittehs
Link: http://instagram.com/goldenkittehs

Coco & Clarence are two of the most cutest and adorable cats you will ever see! Coco is a girl and Clarence is a boy and they are brother and sister. They are British Shorthairs in a black golden shaded fur. Even if you don’t like cats, I can almost guarantee that you can’t resist those two cuties. Their owner is Serena Verbon, I will tell you more about her further on.


4. Elin Anderson
Instagram name: cupcakekaos
Link: http://instagram.com/cupcakekaos

In my opinion Elin Anderson is a truly amazing artist. She makes incredible drawings with markers. She draws a lot of portraits in a very unique way, she really has her own style and she is so talented!

6bbd94a81f5411e382ea22000aeb0b83_75. Shannon Harris
Instagram name: shaaanxo
Link: http://instagram.com/shaaanxo

Shannon Harris is my favorite Youtuber. She was the first I watched when I first started watching Youtube videos. She makes mostly beauty and fashion videos but she also has a vlog channel where she has more personal an advice videos. She is from New-Zealand and I love her accent. Besides all that she is also very pretty and she posts pictures of outfits and makeup looks.

07ed874262ff11e2a9dd22000a9e29a7_76. Murad Osmann
Instagram name: muradosmann
Link: http://instagram.com/muradosmann

I discovered Murad Osmann somewhere on the internet, I found a random article about a project he started and I thought it was really creative. It started when he went on vacation with his girlfriend, he was constantly taking pictures of everything which annoyed his girlfriend so she grabbed his hand and tried to pull him forward. But he didn’t stop taking photos, so he started a project called: ‘Follow Me To’. On each picture you see the back of his girlfriend holding his hand and pulling him forward. The pictures are very creative and really beautiful.

4f974a6e2d2111e3a3eb22000a1fbdaa_87. Nail inspiration
Instagram name: hairandnailfashion
Link: http://instagram.com/hairandnailfashion

If you have no idea what to paint on you nails today, just go to this particular Instagram account, and you will find lots of examples of what you can do. There are lots of cool nail art designs and ideas. And since I like nail art I love to look at all the creations.



8. Serena Verbon
Instagram name: serenaverbon
Link: http://instagram.com/serenaverbon

Serena Verbon is a Dutch beauty blogger. She is also the owner of Coco & Clarence. She inspired me to start this blog. In an interview she said that you should start a blog about all the things that you like. After she said this, I thought: Ofcourse! Because first I was only thinking about one subject, and then all kinds of inspiration kept coming. I’m explaining it a little bit more about that in my ‘First Post’ post. But I like to follow her on Instagram to see what she is up to.

501687bc25a511e3bafe22000a9e1853_79. Jessica Stein

Instagram name: tuulavintage
Link: http://instagram.com/tuulavintage

Jessica Stein is comparable with Nicole Warne on Instagram, they both are models and travel around the world, they’re both from Australia, they’re friends and sometimes they are together because they have the same destinations at times.


10. Lidia Valdivia

Instagram name: lidiavaldivia
Link: http://instagram.com/lidiavaldivia

On her Instagram you’re gonna find food and fashion related photos, the things she eats and drinks are always looking soo delicious! She just has all kinds of perfect, cute pictures.

Who do you like on Instagram? Leave it in the comments down below ☺



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